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  • Your new remote control has an integrated database that allows you to program your TV quickly and easily by automatically searching for the codes assigned to your brand/type of TV set. If your TV is not listed below, please use the alternate method of programming (i.e. by codes) as described on the following demo.

  • 1.

    Turn on your TV

  • 2. Press the (OK/SELECT) and (MUTE) buttons simultaneously and hold them down until the red indicator light above the (TV) button flashes twice, then release both buttons
  • 3.

    Press the (TV) Power button once. The red light will turn on

  • 4.

    Point the remote at the TV. Refer to the table below and enter the number that corresponds to the brand of your TV set (for example 2 for LG). The red indicator light will flash twice and the TV will turn off


    • (1) Insignia
    • (2) LG
    • (3) Mitsubishi
    • (4) Panasonic
    • (5) Philips/Magnavox
    • (6) Samsung
    • (7) Sharp
    • (8) Sony
    • (9) Toshiba
    • (0) Vizio
  • 5. Press (OK/SELECT) to confirm the code
  • 6. Turn your TV back on by pressing on the (TV) Power button. If the programming didn't work, repeat steps 2 to 5 or use an other programming method on the previous page
  • 7. Once the remote control is programmed, we strongly recommend that you access the equipment settings to indicate that the volume keys will control the TV's volume. This modification will allow for optimal audio quality and prevent low terminal audio output

    1. Press MENU and select "Settings" 2. Select "Equipment Settings" 3. Scroll down the menu to "Volume Control" and select "On the TV"