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  • This method of programming of the remote control allows you to control your TV and your sound system.

    : When you program the remote control to an audio system, it will only allow you to adjust the volume on the audio system, not the volume on the TV. To modify this feature, consult the remote control frequently asked questions.

  • 1. Turn on your TV and/or your sound system. First program your TV and then your sound system
  • 2.

    Press the OK/SELECT and MUTE buttons simultaneously and hold them down until the red light under the button flashes twice, then release both buttons

  • 3. Tap in 9- 9- 1 on the remote. The red light will flash twice
  • 4. Then press 1 to search for a TV code, or press 3 to search for a sound system code
  • 5. Point the remote at the TV or the sound system. Repeatedly press and release the CH+ button until the device turns itself off. You might have to perform this action several times
  • 6.

    When the device is off, press the OK/SELECT button to confirm the programming. The red light will flash twice. If the programming did not work, repeat steps 2 to 5

  • 7. Repeat steps 2 to 5 to program your audio system
  • 8. When programming your remote, we strongly recommend that you set the volume control under Equipment Settings to ensure proper audio quality

    1. Press MENU and select "Settings" 2. Select "Equipment Settings" 3. Scroll down the menu to "Volume Control" and select "On the TV"