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  • If you have data stored on another device, you can use Smart Switch to transfer it to your new phone

  • 1.

    Swipe the home screen upwards

  • 2.

    Tap the Samsung folder

  • 3.

    Tap Smart Switch

  • 4.

    Tap Start

  • 5.

    Tap Agree once you have read the terms of service

  • 6.

    Tap OK

  • 7.

    Select how you would like to transfer your data. In this example, we will select Wireless

  • 8.

    Tap Receive

  • 9.

    Select the type of device you will be transferring data from. In this example, we will select Android

  • 10.

    Open Samsung Smart Switch on your other device. You may need to download this from the Google Play Store

  • 11.

    Tap Start

  • 12.

    Tap Agree to agree to the terms of service

  • 13.

    Tap OK

  • 14.

    Tap Wireless

  • 15.

    Tap Send

  • 16. Select the content you wish to transfer to your new phone and then tap Send
  • 17.

    On your new phone, tap Receive

  • 18.

    The content will transfer across

  • 19. When the data has finished transferring, tap Close App on both phones