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  • You can add a group of applications to a folder to make them easier to find and to clear up screen space

  • 1.

    Swipe the home screen upwards

  • 2.

    Hard press on an app you would like to include in the folder

  • 3.

    Tap Select Items

  • 4.

    Tap all of the apps you would like to add to the folder

  • 5.

    Tap Create Folder

  • 6.

    Tap Enter Folder Name

  • 7.

    Enter a name for the folder and then tap Done

  • 8.

    To open the folder, swipe the home screen upwards

  • 9.

    Tap the folder

  • 10.

    Tap an app to open it

  • 11.

    To include more apps in the folder, tap Add Apps

  • 12.

    Select the apps you wish to include and then tap Add

  • 13.

    To remove apps from the folder, tap and hold on the app you wish to remove

  • 14.

    Drag the app outside of the folder

  • 15.

    Position it on the apps screen and then lift your finger

  • 16.

    To delete a folder, hard press on it

  • 17.

    Tap Delete Folder. Any apps within the folder will not be deleted

  • 18.

    Tap Delete