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  • Samsung Kies is an application that allows you to transfer files between your phone and your computer. You must have the Kies application installed on your computer. Visit to download the application for either Windows or mac
  • 1.

    Attach a USB cable to your phone and to your computer

  • 2.

    On your computer, open Samsung Kies

  • 3.

    Information about your phone will be displayed. You can view the music, photos, videos and podcasts stored on your phone by clicking the tabs on the left

  • 4.

    To transfer files between your phone and computer, select the type of media you wish to transfer. In this example, we will select Photos

  • 5.

    Select the photos you wish to transfer and then click Save to PC

  • 6.

    Browse to the folder you wish to save the photos in and then click Save

  • 7.

    To transfer files from your computer to your phone, click the type of files you wish to transfer in the Library section. In this example, we will choose Music

  • 8.

    Select the songs you wish to transfer and then click Transfer to Device

  • 9.

    To back your phone's data up to your computer, click Back up/Restore

  • 10.

    Select the items you would like backed up

  • 11. Click Backup
  • 12.

    The selected data will be backed up. When it has finished, tap Complete

  • 13.

    When you have finished using Samsung Kies, click the X beside the phone's name

  • 14.

    Detach the USB cable from your phone