Click each step to see the action, click the picture or use the arrow keys

  • 1.

    From the home screen, tap Google

  • 2.

    Swipe the screen to the left

  • 3.

    Tap Hangouts

  • 4.

    Tap the Contacts icon

  • 5.

    Tap the contact you would like to message or video call

    You can only video call contacts in your Google+ circles
  • 6.

    Tap whether you would like to message or video chat with the contact. In this example we will select the Video Call icon

  • 7.

    When the contact answers the video call you will see their image in the main screen and your image in the bottom right of the screen

  • 8.

    To switch to the rear facing camera, tap the screen

  • 9.

    Tap the Switch Camera icon

  • 10.

    Tap the Switch Camera icon to change back to the front facing camera

  • 11.

    You can send the person you are chatting with a message while you are in a video call with them. To do this, tap the contact's name

  • 12.

    Tap Send Hangouts Message

  • 13.

    Enter the text of the message and then tap the Send icon

  • 14.

    Tap Ongoing Call to return to the video call

  • 15.

    To end the call, tap the End Call icon