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  • Note: illico TV new generation was designed for 16:9 (widescreen) HD TVs only. If you connect your terminal with a composite cable or to a standard TV, the quality of the picture and interfaces will be reduced. Therefore, though the connection is possible, it's not recommended.

    A composite cable is the yellow cable that will carry the video signal to the television. The red and white RCA cables are the ones that carry the audio signal to the television. They provide a standard definition signal to televisions that are not formatted for High Definition.
  • 1. Connect the Videotron coaxial cable into "cable in" located at the back of the terminal
  • 2. Plug the electric power cord in the back of the terminal and into a power outlet near your television
  • 3. Insert the yellow composite cable as well as the red and white audio cables in the inputs of the same colour, located at the back of the terminal identified by V or Video, and L / R
  • 4. Insert the other end of the cables in the inputs of the same colour identified by Video, and L / R behind your television
  • 5. Turn on the Vidéotron terminal by pressing the CBL button on the Videotron remote control
  • 6. Using the remote control of your television, select the appropriate input/source (e.g. input 1/2/3)