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  • Facial Recognition allows you to unlock your phone and verify your identity using your face. You are required to use additional unlock method in the event that your face can’t be recognized or additional verification is required

  • 1.

    Swipe down from the top of the screen

  • 2.

    Tap the Settings icon

  • 3.

    Scroll down and tap Biometrics and Security

  • 4.

    Tap Face Recognition

  • 5.

    Tap Continue

  • 6.

    Select a screen lock method. In this example, we will choose PIN

  • 7.

    Enter a PIN and then tap Continue. The PIN must be between 4 and 16 digits

  • 8.

    Re-enter the PIN and then tap OK. This must match the PIN entered in the previous step

  • 9.

    Select if you wear glasses and then tap Continue

    If you wear glasses most of the time, put them on now so that you will be more easily recognized when you use facial recognition to unlock the phone. You will be asked to remove your glasses part way through registration so the phone can tell what your face looks like without glasses

  • 10.

    Hold the phone in front of you and wait for it to fully register your face

  • 11.

    Tap Done

  • 12.

    Select your face unlock preferences

  • 13.

    To unlock the phone, hold it in front of your face and press the Bixby/Lock Key

  • 14.

    When the Unlock icon is displayed, swipe the screen upwards