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  • The Peel Smart Remote app allows you to control your TV and cable box via your phone
  • 1. From the home screen, tap the App Launcher
  • 2. Tap Tools
  • 3. Tap Smart Remote
  • 4. Tap Start
  • 5. Enter your postal code and then tap the Search icon
  • 6. Tap your TV provider
  • 7. Tap Next
  • 8. Tap your gender and age bracket
  • 9. Tap Next
  • 10. Make sure your television is not on and then tap Yes, My TV is Off
  • 11. Tap your brand of TV
  • 12. Tap Next
  • 13. Tap the Power button
  • 14. If your TV turned on, tap Yes
    If your TV did not turn on, tap No and follow the instructions to try a new button
  • 15. If you have a cable box, tap Proceed
    If you don't have a cable box, tap I Don't Have One
  • 16. Tap your brand of cable box
  • 17. Tap Next
  • 18. Make sure that your cable or satellite box is turned on and that live television is displayed on your TV. Then tap Done
  • 19. Tap the Channel button
  • 20. If the channel on your TV changed, tap Yes
    If the channel did not change, tap No and follow the instructions to try a new button
  • 21. Select your preferred languages and then tap DONE
  • 22. To use the remote, tap the Remote icon
  • 23. Tap Done
  • 24. Tap OK, Got It
  • 25. Use the buttons to control your TV
  • 26. To exit the remote, tap the Back Key