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  • 1. You can set your phone to monitor how much cellular data you use. To access this, from the home screen, swipe left
  • 2. Tap Settings

    Note: If the Settings icon has been removed from the Home screen, you can access settings by swiping down from the top of the screen and tapping the Settings icon next to the date
  • 3. Tap Data Usage
  • 4. Tap the date beside Data Usage Cycle
  • 5. Tap Change Cycle
  • 6. Select the date of the month you would like the monitoring to begin and then tap Set. It is a good idea to select the first day of your billing cycle
  • 7. Drag the orange bar up or down until you reach the desired usage level. If you set the level to the amount of data in your plan, you will receive a warning when you reach that level
  • 8. If you would like mobile data to be disabled for the usage cycle when a specific level is reached, tap Set Mobile Data Limit
  • 9. Tap OK
  • 10. Drag the red bar to the level at which you would like mobile data to be disabled. This does not have to be the same as the warning level