Click each step to see the action, click the picture or use the arrow keys

  • 1. Tap a letter's key to enter that letter into a text entry field
  • 2. Tap the Space bar to add a space
  • 3. Tap the Shift key to toggle between lower and upper case letters
  • 4. Double-tap the Shift key to turn Caps-Lock on
  • 5. Tap the Delete key to delete text
  • 6. Tap SYM to access numbers and symbols
  • 7. Tap the Shift key to view additional symbols
  • 8. Tap 123 to view the numberpad
  • 9.

    Tap ABC to return to letters

  • 10. When typing, the phone will try to predict your intended word based on the letters already entered. The most likely word will be highlighted in blue. Tap the Space bar to select this word
  • 11. To select a different word, tap on it
  • 12. Tap and hold on a letter to view alternative characters for that letter