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  • Samsung Smart Switchâ„¢ seamlessly transfers contacts, photos, music, videos, messages, notes, calendar and more to your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. You may need to download the Smart Switchâ„¢ app from the Google Play Store.
  • 1. From the home screen, tap Apps
  • 2. Tap Smart Switch
  • 3. Tap Next
  • 4. Tap I Agree
  • 5. Tap Confirm
  • 6. Tap Skip
  • 7. On your old device choose how you'd like to import the information. In this example we'll choose Android to Galaxy
  • 8. Tap check box beside the information you want to transfer
  • 9. Once complete tap Transfer
    Note: To connect the smartphone successfully, make sure both devices are within 4 inches of each other
  • 10. To receive information from your old Android device, on your new Galaxy device tap OK