Click each step to see the action, click the picture or use the arrow keys

  • 1.

    Press and hold the Power/Lock Key to turn the phone on

  • 2.

    Tap the language

  • 3.

    Tap your desired language

  • 4.

    Tap Get Started

  • 5.

    You can restore from an old backup or set the phone us as new. We will select Set up as new

  • 6.

    If you would like to connect to a Wi-Fi network, tap the network’s name

  • 7.

    If required, enter the network’s password and then tap Connect

  • 8.

    Tap Accept and Continue

  • 9.

    Tap Email or Phone

  • 10.

    Enter the email address associated with your Google account and then tap the arrow

    If you do not have a Google account, tap Or create a new account

  • 11.

    Enter your password and then tap the arrow

  • 12.

    Tap Accept

  • 13.

    Scroll down and tap Next

  • 14.

    Tap Add Fingerprint

  • 15.

    Select a backup screen lock. We will select Fingerprint + PIN

  • 16.

    Select whether you would like the PIN to be required when you turn your phone on. We will select Require PIN to Start Device

  • 17.

    Enter a PIN and then tap Continue

  • 18.

    Confirm your PIN and then tap OK

  • 19.

    Place a finger on the fingerprint sensor

  • 20.

    Tap Next

  • 21.

    Lift and replace your finger until the fingerprint has been saved

  • 22.

    If you would like to add more fingerprints, tap Add Another. Otherwise, tap Next

  • 23.

    You can choose to set up additional features by tapping on the desired feature

  • 24.

    To finish the set up, tap Set Up Later

  • 25.

    Scroll down and select whether you would like to receive email updates about your phone by checking or unchecking the box beside Sign Me Up

  • 26.

    Tap Next