Click each step to see the action, click the picture or use the arrow keys

  • 1. Remove the stylus from the phone
  • 2. Tap Quick Memo+
    If the stylus has already been removed, tap the Stylus icon to display the stylus menu
  • 3. Use the stylus to write your memo
  • 4. To change the type of pen, tap the Pen icon
  • 5. Tap the type of pen you wish to use
  • 6. To change the size of the brush, drag the size slider to the left or right
  • 7. Tap a colour to change the brush’s colour
  • 8. Tap the Pen icon to return to the memo
  • 9. To erase part of a memo, tap the Erase icon
  • 10. Use the stylus to erase parts of your note
  • 11. Tap the check mark to save the memo