Click each step to see the action, click the picture or use the arrow keys

  • 1.

    From the home screen, tap the Google folder

  • 2.

    Tap Gmail

  • 3.

    To view an email, tap on the email

  • 4.

    To reply, tap the Reply icon

  • 5.

    Enter the text of your reply and then tap the Send icon

  • 6.

    To archive an email, swipe it all the way to the left

  • 7.

    To delete an email, tap and hold on it

  • 8.

    Tap the trash can icon

  • 9.

    To send an email, tap the Compose icon

  • 10.

    Enter the address or contact you wish to send the email to and then tap Subject

  • 11.

    Enter the subject of the email and then tap Compose Email

  • 12.

    Enter the text of the email

  • 13.

    To attach a file, tap the Attach icon

  • 14.

    Tap Attach File

  • 15.

    Tap the type of file you wish to attach. In this example, we will select Images

  • 16.

    Tap the folder the image is in

  • 17.

    Tap the image you wish to attach

  • 18.

    Tap the Send icon