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  • Some Bluetooth devices may have different requirements in order to be able to connect to them. Consult the user manual for specific instructions for your device

  • 1.

    From the home screen, tap Settings

  • 2.

    Tap Bluetooth

  • 3.

    If Bluetooth isn’t already turned on, tap the status switch to turn it on

  • 4.

    The phone will search for any available devices. Tap the device you wish to connect to

  • 5.

    If required, enter a PIN for the device and then tap Pair. For most devices, the PIN is usually 0000 or 1234. If neither of these PINs work, consult your Bluetooth device’s user guide

  • 6.

    To disconnect from Bluetooth devices, swipe up from the bottom of the screen

  • 7.

    Tap the Bluetooth icon

  • 8.

    To turn Bluetooth off completely, from the home screen, tap Settings

  • 9.

    Tap Bluetooth

  • 10.

    Tap the status switch beside Bluetooth