Click each step to see the action, click the picture or use the arrow keys

  • The Setup Assistant will guide you through the setup process for your phone

  • 1.

    Press and hold the Side Button to turn the phone on

  • 2.

    Swipe up from the bottom of the screen

  • 3.

    Tap the language you wish to set as the phone’s default language

  • 4.

    Tap your country or region

  • 5.

    If you have another iPhone or iPad running iOS 11 or later you would like to transfer settings from, hold it near to your new phone. Otherwise, tap Set Up Manually

  • 6.

    If you would like to connect to Wi-Fi, tap the network you wish to join

  • 7.

    If required, enter the network’s password and then tap Join

  • 8.

    Tap Continue

  • 9.

    You can use your face to secure your phone and make purchases. To set up Face ID, tap Continue

  • 10.

    Hold the phone so it is at eye level and then tap Get Started

  • 11.

    Position your face in the circle and then rotate your head slowly

  • 12.

    When the scan has completed, tap Continue

  • 13.

    Repeat the previous step to scan your face for a second time

  • 14.

    Tap Continue

  • 15.

    Enter a passcode. This will be used in the event that Face ID can’t verify your identity or additional verification is required

  • 16.

    Re-enter the passcode

  • 17.

    Select if you would like to restore data from a different phone or account. In this example, we will select Set Up as New iPhone

  • 18.

    Tap Apple ID

  • 19.

    Enter the email address associated with your Apple ID and then tap Next

    If you do not already have an Apple ID, tap Forgot password or don’t have an Apple ID to set one up

  • 20.

    Enter your password and then tap Next

  • 21.

    Read the terms and conditions and then tap Agree

  • 22.

    Tap Continue

  • 23.

    Tap Continue to turn on automatic operating system updates

  • 24.

    If you would like to set up Apple Pay, tap Continue. Otherwise tap Set Up Later in Wallet

  • 25.

    If you would like to add your passwords and credit card information to iCloud Keychain, tap Continue

  • 26.

    Tap Continue to set up Siri

  • 27.

    To activate Screen Time, tap Continue

  • 28.

    If you would like to share analytics with Apple, tap Share with Apple

  • 29.

    If you would like to share data about their app, such as crash data and app activity with the app’s developers tap Share with App Developers

  • 30.

    True Tone Display automatically changes the colour temperature of the screen according to the ambient light to make colours appear consistent. To see the effect of True Tone Display, tap See Without True Tone Display

  • 31.

    Tap Continue

  • 32.

    Tap Continue

  • 33.

    Tap Continue

  • 34.

    Tap Continue

  • 35.

    Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to finish the set up process