Click each step to see the action, click the picture or use the arrow keys

  • Portrait mode blurs the background of a photo while keeping the subject in focus to help separate the subject from the background

  • 1.

    From the home screen, tap Camera

  • 2.

    Swipe the screen to the left

  • 3.

    Tap Continue

  • 4.

    Frame your image and then tap the Circle to take a photo. The subject should be between 0.5m and 2.5m away from you, and as far from the background as possible

  • 5.

    To add a lighting effect to the image, swipe the lighting icons to the left

  • 6.

    With the effect selected, tap the Circle to take a photo

  • 7.

    To view your photo, tap the thumbnail

  • 8.

    You can change the depth and lighting effects after the fact. To do so, tap Edit

  • 9.

    Tap Portrait to turn the depth effect off

  • 10.

    Swipe the lighting icons to change the lighting effect

  • 11.

    Tap Done to save your changes