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  • Siri is a voice assistant that can help you find information and perform tasks

  • 1.

    To open Siri, press and hold the Home Button or say Hey Siri

  • 2.

    To make a phone call, say Call followed by the name or number you wish to call

  • 3.

    The number will be dialed

  • 4.

    To send a message, say Message followed by the contact’s name or number

  • 5.

    Say the content of the message

  • 6.

    Tap or say Send

  • 7.

    To look up the weather, say the name of the location followed by Weather

  • 8.

    The weather for the location will be displayed

  • 9.

    To get directions to an address or location, say Directions To followed by the address or location

  • 10.

    The Maps app will open

  • 11.

    To start playing a song or artist, say Play followed by the name of the song or artist

  • 12.

    The song will start playing

  • 13.

    To add a reminder, say Remind Me To followed by the task you wish to be reminded of

  • 14.

    A reminder will be set

  • 15.

    To look up a sports score, say the name of the team.

  • 16.

    The team’s latest score or upcoming games will be displayed

  • 17.

    To find the name of a song, say What’s this song?

  • 18.

    Siri will listen for any currently playing song

  • 19.

    The details of the song will be displayed

  • 20.

    To set an alarm, say Set an Alarm followed by the time of the alarm

  • 21.

    The details of the alarm will be displayed

  • 22.

    To open an app, say Open followed by the name of the app

  • 23.

    The app will open

  • 24.

    To perform a conversion, say the units of measurement you would like to convert from and to. For example, How many feet in a metre?

  • 25.

    The conversion will be displayed

  • 26.

    To search your photos, say Photos followed by the subject of the photo. For example, Photos of beaches

  • 27.

    The Photos app will open showing images that fit the description