Click each step to see the action, click the picture or use the arrow keys

  • 1.

    From the home screen, press OK

  • 2.

    Scroll to Calendar and then press OK

  • 3.

    To add an event, scroll to the event’s date and then press the Left Soft Key under Add Event

  • 4.

    Enter a name for the event and then press the Down Navigation Key

  • 5.

    Enter a location for the event

  • 6.

    Scroll to Start Time and then press OK

  • 7.

    Select the event’s start time and then press OK

  • 8.

    Fill out the rest of the fields in this fashion and then press the Right Soft Key under Save

  • 9.

    Any date with an event will have a coloured dot below it. Scroll to the date and press OK to view details for the events on that day